$ 20,000 to less than 13,000 in just five days: The Bitcoin Code makes the financial world back perplexed. But it goes as far, is the sharp fall of the beginning of a new rally. Only: who knows?
Bitcoin is not equal Iota – the differences of crypto currenciesPlay
Bitcoin is not equal iota – the differences of crypto currencies
Frankfurt, Dusseldorf, New York on the summit of the unprecedented crash follows. The rapid rate roller coaster when Bitcoin can investors and experts back perplexed by the day. After the cryptocurrency had first cracked the mark of 20,000 dollars on some venues on Sunday see the Bitcoin code rating declined rapidly in subsequent days. By late Friday morning the signs were stronger than ever on red – in view of the depreciation of over 20 percent during the day.

The Bitcoin price had already dropped significantly during the week, but the decline accelerated on Friday. At times, cost $ “only” 12,500 a Bitcoin . At noon, a first stabilizing just below the $ 14,000 mark set a.

The other crypto currencies it looked like on Friday. Ether, the most important counterpart Bitcoin Code had also lost about 20 percent, Bitcoin cash, the spin-off of the original Bitcoins, even 30 percent. XRP, the currency that belongs to Ripple, held by contrast stable. Ripple wants to build a new, closed payment transactions for banks, the model is very different from Bitcoin & Co. XRP it has only a calculation function.

The European Central Bank has repeatedly warned of the dangers of investing in digital currencies. Vice President Vitor Constancio called the Bitcoin in September, alluding to the bubble in the Netherlands of the 17th century, as a “tulip”.

His colleague Benoit Coeure warned of the unstable value of Bitcoin and put it in the context of tax evasion and crime. ECB President Mario Draghi said in November that the impact of the digital currencies are limited to the economy of the euro area and that they did not endanger the monopoly of central banks for money.

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It is by far not the first time that one end of the krypton-boom could be suspected. Several times a lot of ratings and reviews the prices plummeted within a day by 2,000 dollars or more. A sustained correction? So far, none. he was so suddenly the price decline had set in so quickly and over again.

The dimensions of the course are Rutsches but this time much higher than in the past. Several major US stock markets, including the market leader CME in Chicago had taken or announced to trade derivatives on Bitcoins. The capitalization of all significant virtual currency shot up more than 600 billion dollars. Of which about $ 100 billion had been burned on Friday, according to the platform coinmarketcap.com.

Reminder: The performance that Bitcoin has enjoyed as the most popular of crypto currencies, was unique. In early December, the price was at 11,000 dollars earlier this year at 1,000. Yet it takes only a few days until the Bitcoin losing on such a high level over a third of their value. The accusation of “gamers currency” seems more than understandable in this context.