Anon System Review 2022: Is It A Scam Or Legit?

Beware of scam websites that pretend to represent Anon System. Sign up for your authentic Anon System account through BitcoinWisdom and get the free personal account manager to help you navigate the account setup process.

Anon System – An Automated Trading System For All

Market capitalization for Bitcoin has surpassed $1 trillion as of the beginning of 2022, according CoinMarketCap. The market for cryptocurrency is enjoying a great run since the start this year. Free-to-use platforms such as Anon System claim to make making money from cryptocurrency more easy for traders through providing the ability to access data that is actionable and making it much more profitable to make money from the cryptocurrency market.

The market for trading robots is flooded with legitimate and untrue trading platforms promising traders the world but frequently not delivering. In the end, we examined an extensive review of the Anon System programme thoroughly and wrote this comprehensive review.

Anon System

The Anon System Review assesses the credibility of the bot. Does it live up to the promises it makes to users, or just make outrageous assertions. It also gives an in-depth description of how to utilize the bot.

Anon System – A Sneak Peak

  • Fully automated crypto trading robot
  • A minimum of EUR 250 is required.
  • In less than 24 hours you’ll be able to withdraw your funds within 24 hours.
  • The rate of success is 90 percent.
  • Cloud-based trading application.
  • The cryptocurrency coins Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple and Litecoin are all supported.

Anon System – The Trade Bot

It’s an computerized platform for trading in cryptocurrency which makes use of several mathematically developed algorithms to help users increase their profits within the shortest time.

As per the developers of the bot, the bot’s unique algorithm gathers price data from a variety of exchanges around the globe, analyzes it, and provides users customized trade alerts based on their specific trading requirements.

Anon System promotes itself as an entirely automated system which means that trading doesn’t require much work or energy. Anyone looking to get started trading can utilize the software since it doesn’t require prior knowledge. Both automated and manual trading options are accessible via the Anon System, however the option to automate trading is the primary benefit.

Anon System – Legitimacy Test

Anon System trading account is an established bitcoin trading platform, which claims to help traders. It has proven that it has the ability to forecast successful trades for users , and, if auto trading is enabled, it is also able to execute the trade.

The people who developed Anon System, on the other hand, claim it could earn profits that are far greater than the profits of multinational corporations. But, this assertion is not supported by any evidence, and ought to be considered as a deceptive strategy to lure customers to their website.

In addition, as per the site according to the website, the Anon System commerce application uses modern technology. The platform, as per the developers of the app, utilizes encryption to protect data, making sure that your personal information is safe and secure.

Although the site claimed that it helped investors make millions of dollars in profits, and that users claimed that they had made profits but there is no evidence to back this assertion. It is recommended that users conduct their own research and only use extra funds since the cryptocurrency market is unstable.Anon System – Salient Features
Cloud-based Application

Anon System does not require any downloads and doesn’t require updating regularly. The program can be accessed completely via the internet. For this to be completed all you require is an internet connection as well as an internet browser. It can be used on various devices like desktops, smartphones, computers and tablets.

Verification Procedure

The sign-up form available found on Anon System’s website Anon System website makes it evident that signing up for this service can be as easy as filling in a few form with your basic personal details. You will need to submit your full name, your country where you reside, your email and a valid phone number in addition to other information for the purpose of creating an account.

Once you have completed the process, you will be able to make a minimum payment of PS250 with any of the different payment methods. The entire process only takes about a minute to complete. Keep in mind that, even though you’ve followed all the steps to sign up with the trading application and the broker who is that is associated with it at the backend could require you to show an official identification document issued by the government in order to complete its know Your Customer (KYC) process.

Fee Structure

According to the official website as well as the software’s creators The Anon System program is accessible for free. When you create accounts with us you’re free of charges for account registration or commissions, deposits/withdrawal fees or transaction charges. It is necessary to make a minimum amount of PS250 before you can use the app. It is only used to trade later on.

Withdrawal Mechanism

As evident by their use with using the Anon Auto Trader System software, the creators are well aware of the necessity for prompt withdrawals from any type of trading. Investors would like to be able to withdraw their money anytime, without having to go through hurdles.

If you are using Anon System Anon System, it looks as if you’ll be able make easy withdrawals through the same method of payment that the deposit method you utilized to make. Based on the information we have gathered via the Anon System website and the information available on the affiliated broker’s platforms It appears that money that you withdraw will typically be in your in the 24 hour period after being removed. But, it is generally recommended to wait until the withdrawal is complete.

Affiliated Partner Brokers

It’s important to remember that the algorithm of any trading app is used in conjunction with reliable broker services that are accessible via the app’s backend. For trading on the Anon Trade System, this applies.

Anon System, like many other auto trading and robots, is connected to a variety of particular brokerage services that cater to traders across the globe including those from the United States. After investigating a couple of these broker platforms we found that they all had established and regulated and adhered to the specific jurisdiction’s AML as well as KYC laws. But, it’s always an excellent idea to verify whether the brokerage you’ve been recommended to select is the correct one for you.

Customer Support

The customer service of the platform can be reached by email. They respond promptly according to the feedback of users generally within one hour. When we looked into the broker of the app we found that you can get immediate assistance through the live chat feature of the broker as well as email and phone number should you experience problems regarding your transactions.

Bitcoin Up und App Schnittstelle

Bitcoin Up hat sich für ein schwarz-oranges Design entschieden, das mir sehr gut gefällt. Ihre Website ist sauber, die Informationen sind gut angeordnet und leicht zu finden, und sie haben ein SSL-Zertifikat. Das Handels-Dashboard kann für Anfänger ein wenig verwirrend sein, aber man kann den Dreh in kurzer Zeit raus haben.
Ihre mobile App ist nicht anders, aber es gab Beschwerden, dass es am besten auf iOS-Geräten funktioniert und auf Android-Geräten einfriert.

Was könnte Bitcoin Up verbessern?

Fortgeschrittene Trader scheinen zu lieben, aber diejenigen, die gerade erst anfangen, finden sie kompliziert. Einige müssen sogar youtube-Videos und mehrere Tutorials verwenden, um die Website effektiv zu navigieren. Es gab auch Beschwerden über langsames Feedback, aber Bitcoin Up hat sich dieser Probleme angenommen.

Alles in allem ist diese Plattform ideal für erfahrene Händler, die gerne ein vielfältiges Portfolio haben.

Bitcoin Up Anmeldeformular
Bitcoin Up-Website besuchen
Was sind die wichtigsten Merkmale von Bitcoin Up?
Versicherungsschutz für Krypto-Trader

Bitcoin Up verfügt über einen Notfall-Versicherungsfonds namens SAFU (Secure Asset Fund for Users), der darauf abzielt, Trades im Falle eines Hacks zu schützen. Diese Funktion wurde Mitte 2018 eingeführt und wird durch 10 % aller Handelsgebühren finanziert. Diese Gelder werden dann in einer kalten Brieftasche für mehr Schutz gespeichert.

Bitcoin Up-Händler verwenden oft den Begriff „Fonds sind SAFU“, um zu implizieren, dass ihre Gelder gut geschützt sind.

Bitcoin Up VISA-Karte

Die Bitcoin Up VISA-Karte funktioniert wie eine herkömmliche Debitkarte und ermöglicht es Ihnen, Transaktionen mit Ihrer digitalen Währung durchzuführen. Diese Funktion setzt sich schnell durch, da sie weltweit von mehr als 60 Millionen Händlern akzeptiert wird.

Einige der Vorteile der Karte sind;

Hochwertige Sicherheitsprotokolle zum Schutz Ihres Geldes.
Die Nutzung ist kostenlos und es fallen keine Bearbeitungs- oder Verwaltungsgebühren an.
Sie können problemlos Guthaben aufladen und überweisen.
Krypto-Cashback von bis zu 8 % nach Verwendung der Karte.
Die Cashback-Prämien variieren je nach Einsatz der BNB-Münzen, wobei Anfänger auch ohne Einsatz 1 % Cashback erhalten. Um den 8% Cashback-Bonus zu erhalten, müssen Sie mindestens 6.000 BNB einsetzen.

Bitcoin Up-Einsatz
Es gibt 3 Hauptoptionen für feste Einsätze auf Bitcoin Up: 3, 6 und 9 Monate, in denen Sie bis zu 30% APY verdienen können. Nur 37 Kryptowährungen können zu diesen Bedingungen eingesetzt werden, und der Mindesteinsatz und die Rendite variieren je nach der Art des Vermögenswerts, den Sie wählen. Einige der unterstützten Münzen sind: ATOM, FYI, CELR, WAVES, SUSHI, etc.

Wenn Sie damit einverstanden sind, Ihre digitalen Vermögenswerte für eine gewisse Zeit zu sperren, um Vorteile zu erzielen, dann ist diese Funktion perfekt für Sie. Nachdem Sie den Einsatz platziert haben, wird der Betrag automatisch von Ihrer Brieftasche abgezogen und dem Staking-Pool hinzugefügt.

Wichtige Neuigkeiten bei Bitcoin Champion

Chainlink „Price Feeds“ sind jetzt live auf der Avalanche (AVAX) mainnet, bringen Preisreferenzdaten zu Protokoll-Entwickler über eine Vielzahl von Asset-Klassen, gemäß einer Mitteilung mit CryptoSlate heute geteilt.

Viele neue Nutzer bei Bitcoin Champion

Die Preis-Feeds von Chainlink ermöglichen es Smart-Contract-Entwicklern, fortschrittliche DeFi-Anwendungen auf dem aufkeimenden Avalanche zu erstellen, wie z. B. preissensible Derivatemärkte, kostengünstige Kreditanwendungen, Handelsstrategien mit hohem Durchsatz und andere Finanzanwendungen. Das bestätigt auch die Zunahme an neuen Nutzern bei Bitcoin Champion.

Der Wechsel zu Avalanche wurde durch einen Chainlink Community Grant ermöglicht, der an Protofire vergeben wurde – eine führende Entwicklungswerkstatt und Avalanche-Validator – die Chainlink-Orakel angepasst, getestet und nativ in das Avalanche-Mainnet implementiert hat.

Als Ergebnis sind nun zahlreiche Chainlink Price Feeds auf dem Avalanche Mainnet verfügbar, mit Plänen, kontinuierlich neue einzuführen, um die Nachfrage des Ökosystems zu erfüllen.

„Chainlink hat den Standard für Orakel und Daten in Blockchains und dezentralen Anwendungen gesetzt“, sagt Emin Gün Sirer, Gründer und CEO von Ava Labs, in diesem Zusammenhang.

Er fügte hinzu: „DeFi floriert bereits auf Avalanche, aber die Daten von Chainlink werden eine enorme Menge an Entwicklungen in der Community freisetzen und den Vorsprung von Avalanche als die technologisch fortschrittlichste Plattform in der Kryptowelt ausbauen.“

Entwickler beginnen, die Gänge zu laufen

DeFi-Entwickler auf Avalanche können mit dem Testen und Bauen mit Chainlink Price Feeds beginnen. Wichtige On-Chain-Funktionen können nun ausgeführt werden, einschließlich, aber nicht beschränkt auf, die Berechnung von Besicherungsquoten, die Prägung von Fair-Market-Krediten, die Festlegung von Wechselkursen, die Bepreisung von synthetischen Vermögenswerten, die Neubasierung von algorithmischen Stablecoins und die Auslösung von automatisierten Handelsstrategien.

In der Zwischenzeit starten einige Avalanche-Teams bereits ihre DeFi-Anwendungen auf dem Protokoll mit Chainlink, wie zum Beispiel die Multichain-„Middleware“-App BiFrost. „Durch die Integration von Chainlink Price Feeds sowohl auf Ethereum als auch auf BSC, stellt das BiFrost-Protokoll sicher, dass es Zugang zu den zuverlässigsten, dezentralisierten und qualitativ hochwertigsten Daten hat“, sagte Dohyun Pak, CEO von BiFrost.

Er fügte hinzu: „Chainlinks‘ Avalanche-Erweiterung ist eine aufregende Nachricht für den größeren DeFi-Raum und wird dazu beitragen, die BiFrost-Plattform zu sichern, während sie skaliert, um die Nachfrage nach einem Multichain-Ökosystem zu erfüllen.“

Bitcoin pagato a Tesla per i veicoli sarà conservato come BTC – Elon Musk

  • Bitcoin è ora un’opzione di pagamento quando si acquista una Tesla
  • Elon Musk ha anche chiarito che il Bitcoin pagato a Tesla sarà mantenuto come BTC e non convertito in fiat
  • Tesla che accetta Bitcoin è un gigantesco balzo in avanti per BTC e l’adozione di asset digitali
  • Bitcoin è ancora una volta sopra $55k e la notizia Tesla potrebbe fornire una certa stabilità questa settimana

Il CEO di Tesla, Elon Musk, ha annunciato che la società ora accetta Bitcoin come opzione di pagamento.

Secondo il signor Musk, il Bitcoin pagato a Tesla sarà mantenuto come Bitcoin Evolution e non convertito in moneta fiat. Elon Musk ha fatto l’annuncio via Twitter, come si può vedere qui sotto.

Tesla che accetta Bitcoin è un salto gigantesco per l’adozione delle criptovalute

Tesla che accetta Bitcoin per i suoi veicoli elettrici non è una sorpresa per molti dal momento che la società ha recentemente acquistato 1,5 miliardi di dollari in BTC. Inoltre, Elon Musk ha twittato su Bitcoin e Dogecoin numerose volte che è la prova che il CEO di Tesla è serio riguardo agli asset digitali.

La notizia che Tesla accetta Bitcoin è anche monumentale nel senso che BTC e gli asset digitali, in generale, hanno un nuovo caso d’uso che apre le porte ad altre aziende che seguono le orme della società di veicoli elettrici.

Bitcoin risale sopra i 55k dollari

Per quanto riguarda il prezzo, la notizia che Tesla ora accetta Bitcoin ha portato BTC a rimbalzare sopra la zona di supporto cruciale di $55k. Prima dell’annuncio, Bitcoin stava lottando per mantenere il livello di prezzo di $54k dopo essere sceso a $53.600 durante la notte.

Al momento della scrittura, Bitcoin è scambiato a 55.400 dollari e potrebbe benissimo salire fino a 57k dollari una volta che l’emisfero occidentale si sveglia alla notizia di Tesla.

Con l’avanzare della settimana e il mese di marzo che volge al termine, il Bitcoin che mantiene un valore sopra i 55.000 dollari sarà fondamentale per mantenere il suo slancio rialzista e sostenere un market cap sopra i 1 trilione di dollari.

Man will nicht in einer Welt leben, in der Bitcoin Erfolg hat

LSE Economist: Man will nicht in einer Welt leben, in der Bitcoin Erfolg hat

Der steigende Preis von Bitcoin wird die Ungleichheit erhöhen, argumentiert ein Top-Ökonom.

Jon Danielsson, ein Wirtschaftswissenschaftler an der London School of Economics, hat eine Kolumne über den steigenden Bitcoin-Preis geschrieben.
Er argumentiert, dass ein weiterer Anstieg des Bitcoin-Kurses zu großer Ungleichheit führen würde – und zu einer dystopischen Zukunft.
Aber es wird nie zu diesem Punkt kommen, sagt er, weil die Gesellschaft die „perversen“ Konsequenzen bemerken wird.

Ein Ökonom an einer Londoner Top-Universität hat gesagt, dass wenn Bitcoin und Kryptowährungen weiter auch bei Bitcoin Millionaire im Preis steigen, die Ungleichheit zunehmen wird.

Jon Danielsson, Direktor des Systemic Risk Centre an der London School of Economics, veröffentlichte am Freitag eine Kolumne für das Center for Economic and Policy Research’s VoxEU: „Was passiert, wenn Bitcoin Erfolg hat?“

Bitcoin Whales stapeln sich, während die globale Marktkapitalisierung ein Rekordhoch erreicht

Die globale Marktkapitalisierung hat über Nacht ein Rekordhoch erreicht, da der Gesamtwert aller Kryptowährungen zum ersten Mal über $1,18 Billionen gestiegen ist, so das Datenunternehmen Nomics. Global Market Cap hits…

Danielsson argumentiert, dass die meisten Menschen nicht in einer Gesellschaft leben wollen, in der Kryptowährung erfolgreich ist. Warum eigentlich? Weil die großen Besitzer – oder Wale – die reichsten Menschen der Welt werden würden, „rivalisierend mit den Königen und Kaisern, die in vergangenen Jahrhunderten über Reiche herrschten“, sagte er.

Und das würde zu größerer Ungleichheit und Populismus führen, sagt Danielsson.
Die Ungleichheit auf der Bitcoin-Blockchain ist bereits außer Kontrolle

Das Netzwerk ist schon jetzt weit von Gleichheit entfernt.

Die Marktanalyse-Website Glassnode fand heraus, dass etwa 2% der Netzwerk-Entitäten 71,5% des gesamten Bitcoins kontrollieren.

„Whales“, die Glassnode als diejenigen definiert, die 1.000-5.000 Bitcoin (zwischen $37 Millionen und $186 Millionen) halten, halten 18,4% aller Bitcoin im Umlauf, oder 3,43 Millionen Bitcoin ($127 Milliarden). Und „Humpbacks“, Wale, die über 5.000 Bitcoin halten, halten 13,3% aller Bitcoin, oder 2,47 Millionen Bitcoin ($92 Milliarden). Diese Entitäten, sagte CTO Schultze-Kraft, sind „höchstwahrscheinlich Institutionen, Fonds, Verwahrer, OTC-Desks und andere vermögende Privatpersonen.“

Und jeder, der vor einem Jahrzehnt eine triviale Menge Geld investiert hat und seine Coins HODLed, ist jetzt immens reich. Diese Woche hat jemand uralte Bitcoins im Wert von etwa 5 Millionen Dollar verschoben. Diese Bitcoin waren weniger als einen Dollar wert, als sie im Juli 2010 gemined wurden.

Danielssons Kolumne geht weiter: „Wenn die Bitcoin-Aristokraten anfangen, ihre Billionen auszugeben, was bedeutet das für den Rest von uns? Wir wissen, dass solche extremen Niveaus der Ungleichheit soziale Spaltung und Populismus anheizen. Die Bitcoin-Aristokraten werden zunehmend bedroht sein, und die Regierung wird darauf reagieren müssen. Sie wird beschützen oder angreifen; sie kann nicht neutral sein. So oder so werden politische und soziale Instabilitäten zunehmen.“

Seien Sie der Erste, der unseren Belohnungs-Token ausprobiert.
Verdienen Sie Token passiv beim Lesen. Geben Sie Ihre Token in unserem Reward Store aus.

Danielsson argumentiert, dass sich die Gesellschaft verändern wird, wenn der Preis von Bitcoin weiter steigt und dann das Fiatgeld ersetzt. Diejenigen, die Fiatgeld besitzen, werden leiden, während diejenigen, die Teil des Bitcoin-Booms sind, gut abschneiden werden.

Aber die Folgen des Bitcoin-Erfolgs werden „pervers“ sein, so dass Kryptowährungen lange bevor sie so hohe Werte erreichen, missachtet werden, so Danielsson.

Top 5 cryptocurrencies for the month of February

January was a pretty bullish month for the cryptocurrency industry.

Will February bring the same bullish returns in the crypto arena?

The five cryptocurrencies featured in this article feature both interesting developments coming up in February and some bullish looking charts.

January was a pretty bullish month for the cryptocurrency industry, with many digital coins reaching new highs throughout this time frame. Will February bring similar bullish returns in Crypto Wealth?

If so, which pieces are likely to show the way, and why? This is what we will see below.

The ether is the second largest cryptomonnaie by market capitalization, behind Bitcoin (BTC). It benefits from important use cases, since its blockchain serves as a platform for the development of smart contracts for many other cryptocurrencies.

An interesting development to come for the ether during the month of February is the publication by the CME Group of the cash settled ether futures contracts , which are expected to be launched on February 8, 2021.

After Bitcoin, whose cash-settled futures were launched in 2017, ETH is now the second digital asset whose futures are managed by the CME Group. This would potentially allow market participants to have a simpler method of managing their risk when investing in ether.

From a technical analysis perspective, ETH appears to be in the last phase of its bullish momentum, but could rise to as high as $ 1,780 before falling.

While EGLD is still a relatively small coin when ranked by market capitalization, its price and rank rose significantly during the month of January

Additionally, Elrond has ambitious plans for the future, as the company aims to create a financial system that allows for virtually instant transactions, while being non-inflationary. EGLD plans to make this system accessible globally.

One of its means to achieve this is by launching “ Maiar ”, a financial application that enables simple money and crypto transfers around the world.

The application would allow users to have a functional portfolio in just a few seconds. Unlike Venmo or Google Pay, Maiar will not collect personal information. So far, over 180,000 users have signed up for its release.

The launch date for this wallet and payment application was set for January 31, 2021.

From a technical analysis standpoint, EGLD still appears to be in a long-term uptrend despite its parabolic rise, and should continue to climb towards $ 84-85.

Stellar was established in 2014 with the goal of providing financial services to areas of the world that are underdeveloped and lack them. Transactions on its network have a fixed commission of just 0.0001 XLM and are virtually instantaneous.

The coin also enjoys institutional interest, as evidenced by Grayscale Investments, which created the Stellar Lumens fund . In the third quarter of 2020, XLM was Grayscale’s seventh best performing asset.

Crypto Video News Show di BiC: Alt Season 2021 – Tutto ciò che devi sapere

Il dominio in calo di Bitcoin ha rinnovato le aspettative per la prossima „stagione alternativa“.

Diverse altcoin notevoli hanno già raggiunto i massimi storici

L’interesse per il ridimensionamento di DeFi ed Ethereum sembra guidare i recenti aumenti dei prezzi delle altcoin.

Vuoi imparare a fare trading? Ottieni subito una guida per principianti da _BeInCrypto Academy_ !

Nel video di oggi, Jessica Walker di BeInCrypto sostiene un imminente raduno di altcoin, popolarmente indicato come „ stagione alternativa “.

Con il dominio di bitcoin (btc) sul mercato delle criptovalute recentemente in declino, molti investitori sperano in un rinnovato interesse per le attività non btc.

Diversi cosiddetti altcoin hanno recentemente raggiunto nuovi massimi storici (ATH). Spinti da un interesse per la DeFi e dai progressi nelle tecniche di ridimensionamento di livello 2 di Ethereum (eth), alcuni osservatori del settore ritengono che la corsa a queste risorse sia davvero destinata a decollare.

Guarda le ultime notizie sui video crittografici di BiC qui:

Caduta della dominanza di Bitcoin

Il dominio dei bitcoin ha raggiunto un picco del 71,6% il 5 gennaio 2021. Spinta dalle notizie rialziste sugli investimenti istituzionali e aziendali , la capitalizzazione di mercato di btc è cresciuta rispetto a quella delle altcoin durante gli ultimi mesi del 2020.

Il dominio del mercato dei bitcoin è sceso ai livelli più bassi dallo scorso settembre . Lunedì, la capitalizzazione di mercato di btc ha rappresentato solo il 60,55% dell’intero mercato delle criptovalute.

È interessante notare che lo scorso settembre ha rappresentato anche un massimo a breve termine nel Total Value Locked (TVL) nelle applicazioni Decentralized Financial (DeFi). Il 2 settembre, quando il dominio di BTC si è invertito dai minimi del 54,7%, il mercato DeFi è sceso brevemente da $ 9,44 miliardi a $ 7,86 miliardi.

Ethereum e altri Alts hanno colpito ATH

Mentre il prezzo del bitcoin è sceso dai massimi storici di circa $ 42.000 all’inizio di questo mese, molti prezzi di altcoin sono aumentati da allora a nuovi. I principali protocolli DeFi e le reti che li supportano hanno funzionato particolarmente bene.

Il dominio del mercato di Ethereum è cresciuto di circa l’11% quando il dominio di btc è diminuito. Eth ha raggiunto il massimo storico di $ 1.476 lunedì. Mike Novogratz di Galaxy Digital ritiene che l‘ eth continuerà la sua ascesa , prevedendo massimi di $ 2.600 nei prossimi mesi.

Les clusters de baleines Bitcoin identifient le niveau de support clé pour que le rallye se poursuive

Les grappes de baleines Bitcoin affichent 23409 $ comme zone de support clé, ce qui signifie que le rallye en cours a un plancher solide.

Les clusters de baleines Bitcoin ( BTC ) montrent que le niveau de 23409 $ est devenu un domaine d’intérêt pour les grands commerçants

Cela indique que la course de taureaux en cours est soutenue par les baleines qui continuent d’accumuler au-dessus de 23 000 $.

Des grappes de baleines se forment lorsque les baleines achètent du Bitcoin et ne transfèrent pas leurs avoirs en BTC du prix d’achat. Les clusters sont utiles pour déterminer les niveaux de support de Bitcoin, en particulier lorsque le marché évolue rapidement.

„Ne devrait pas descendre à moins de 23 409 $“

Selon les analystes de Whalemap, une société d’analyse de données qui suit l’activité des baleines Bitcoin, BTC a formé un plancher solide dans la fourchette de 23000 $ à 23500 $. Ils ont dit :

«Des quantités étonnamment importantes de pertes coulaient sur la chaîne à des prix de 19k. Lorsque cela se produit dans des conditions haussières, BTC nous donne de beaux rallyes (10k -> 20k la dernière fois). Nous avons également plusieurs supports solides à des prix récents … Ne devrait pas descendre en dessous de 23 409 $. “

Il est important pour Bitcoin d’établir des zones de support solides lors d’une course haussière en raison du risque de corrections soudaines. Si les grappes de baleines sont présentes à des niveaux de prix élevés, comme 23409 $, les baleines sont susceptibles de faire une offre légèrement plus élevée et de maintenir l’élan de Bitcoin.

Peter Brandt, un trader de longue date, a identifié la ligne parabolique de Bitcoin datant d’octobre comme un domaine clé à surveiller.

Does Coinbase have a serious unresolved bug?

Does Coinbase have a serious unresolved bug?

We have been notified of a possible bug on Coinbase.

This is a small problem, but for users it can have big consequences, so it cannot be ignored.

What we are about to tell you is in fact a true story that happened to one of our readers who wanted to tell it to inform other users of the platform of the existence of this problem.

Everything comes from an attempt to deposit USDC with QR code.

USDCs are ERC-20 tokens by The News Spy on the Ethereum blockchain, which can be sent to a public Ethereum address.

These public addresses can receive not only ETH tokens, but also any other ERC-20 token.

However, for internal reasons, many exchanges do not allow any ERC-20 token to be received on the ETH address of the user’s wallet on their platform, but require users to use a different Ethereum address for each ERC-20 token they wish to deposit on the exchange wallet.

Since many exchanges work this way, although it often creates problems, there would be nothing wrong with it. That is, this would not be a bug, but just a choice of exchange that can cause some problems anyway.

In fact, if you send an ERC-20 token to the ETH address of your wallet on an exchange, the transaction is successful and cannot be reversed in any way, but the exchange may not recognise it, precisely because many exchanges require that a different address be used for each token.

So for example, you should not send USDC to your Coinbase ETH address, but use the USDC address, which is different.

However, if you choose to scan the QR code of your USDC address there is a problem.
Here is what happened to our reader.

The reader wanted to deposit USDC on his Coinbase wallet

He clicked on „receive“, and selected USDC. Coinbase showed the following screen:

This is an Ethereum address to which you can theoretically also send ETH or other ERC-20 tokens, but if you send tokens that are not USDCs to this address, Coinbase will not recognise them, and they would be lost forever.

The problem is, when scanning the QR code, what the scanner reads is:

That is, the text string encoded in the QR code not only contains the public address to which the USDCs should be sent, but also another one.

Unfortunately, when scanning with some wallets, they take as their sending address not the correct one, i.e. the second one, but the first one, 0xa0b86991c6218b36c1d19d4a2and9eb0ce3606eb48.

As is easy to understand by comparing them, the two addresses are different, so if the wallet sends the USDCs to the first public address in the QR code it will not send them to Coinbase’s USDC wallet, but to another address.

Unfortunately, the USDC tokens sent in this way have been lost.

XRP price slump of 20% just the beginning of a major market correction?

On December 10th, in an XRP course analysis , we already raised the question of whether Ripple’s native cryptocurrency might be facing a trend reversal. This possibility was primarily justified by the bearish breakout from a larger symmetrical triangle . Since then, the XRP price has plummeted another 15.6% and is currently trading at 47.6 dollar cents.

Now the third largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization has lost further support in the form of the 200 MA line ( red ) on the 4H chart, which speaks for further downside potential, at least in the short term.

It is also very easy to see that the 50 MA line turned into a resistance a good 10 days ago and is increasingly pushing the price of XRP down.

Next levels of support for the XRP course

In the following figure, we have projected two support lines for the Bitcoin Supersplit price on a weekly basis on the daily chart in order to represent the next available support levels that lie between the current price and the minimum price target of just under $ 0.30, which results from the chart formation. Of course, this minimum price target must not be taken at face value. From a statistical point of view, a trend reversal is achieved in only 57-62 percent of the cases. However, this means that the probability is slightly higher that it will be achieved than that it will not be achieved.

I have drawn the next two support lines on the weekly chart as horizontal, green lines in the illustration above

These are 46.9 and 44.3 US cents. The former has obviously slowed the current price collapse for the time being. The next support thereafter is the 50 MA line based on the daily chart ( blue ).

So we see that the XRP course can still rely on some levels of support. The big question at this point is whether the sale of the XRP tokens is primarily due to the Spark token Airdrop and this is a normal correction or Ripple’s native cryptocurrency is the canary for the entire market.