Seizure of Bitcoins from Indeal may be greater than disclosed by authorities

The Ministry of Justice and Federal Police in Brazil had confirmed information, but Livecoins had exclusive access to material that denies allegations from public agencies.

As reported first-hand by Livecoins, in recent days the FBI has seized $ 135 million in bitcoin that operated in Brazil. But a document shared with the report reveals that the seizure of Bitcoin from Indeal may be greater than what has been disclosed so far.

Brazil suffers from the so-called financial pyramids, especially in recent years. Some of these fraudulent companies have even linked Bitcoin’s image in their schemes.

One of the main ones was Indeal, which dealt a blow to more than 20 thousand people in the country. However, in 2019 the company was the target of a police operation called Egypto.

Since it was shut down and had its leaders arrested, Indeal did not allow any more lootings to investors. The hope of some is that Bitcoins captured in the USA can be repatriated.
Indeal Case: Bitcoin’s seizure by the USA was bigger than what was disclosed

In the last few days Indeal’s customers have once again had hopes of recovering their investments. Even those who invested in the coup aware of the risks, remained among those injured by Indeal.

With the promises of 15% a month, Indeal associated the miraculous returns to Bitcoin. When it was closed by Operation Egypto, however, no Bitcoin was found with the leaders of the coup.

More than a year later, the FBI announced the capture of Bitcoins in the United States. According to the U.S. Department of Justice, the FBI would have captured $24 million from Indeal. Last Friday, even the Ministry of Justice in Brazil confirmed the capture of the Bitcoins of Indeal.

However, a document was shared with Livecoins on Monday morning (9). The document informs the operation that was made in the USA, giving details of the Bitcoins.

In the last week, for example, the DOJ, Ministry of Justice and Federal Police in Brazil confirmed R$ 130 million of apprehension. The amount still wouldn’t pay all the former investors injured by Indeal, but it could help.

The seizure could have been more than the double of the divulged, points out document

The document that came to light this Monday, exclusively with Livecoins, reveals that the amount of bitcoins in the possession of the U.S. Justice is 3537,21068616 BTC.

Considering the price of Bitcoin today, the amount seized is much higher than previously disclosed. This is because, even with the fall of the dollar in Brazil, it would give the bagatelle of $ 288 million today, or more than the double of the $ 130 million disclosed by U.S. and Brazilian authorities.

Livecoins then questioned data about the seizure to the Ministry of Justice and the Federal Police in Brazil. The Federal Police informed in a note that „the PF does not comment on ongoing investigations. In addition, we sought contact from the DOJ in the USA, but until the closing of this matter there were still no answers.

The address of Bitcoin in possession of the U.S. Marshals and that would have been seized from Indeal is 3H68YVEUtMhaSBVjhsWaqf9m24PNBSEhst. As Bitcoin’s blockchain is public, anyone can follow movements made at the address from now on.